Equipment Repair & Maintenance:

    When packaging equipment goes down, you can lose thousands of dollars and jeopardize your customer supply pipeline. We understand the importance of minimizing those losses and have factory certified technicians utilizing fast, rapid response times that will get you back up and running as soon as possible. Our packaging line support also involves, planned maintenance, rental equipment, and spare parts programs, all designed to keep your line running at the highest possible production levels.

Packaging Equipment Repair Services:
  • Rental equipment for demand spikes
  • Emergency response repair
  • Repair parts procurement
  • Equipment startup and training
  • Planned Maintenance programs to detect worn parts before they fail
  • Equipment leasing

Planned Maintenance Programs:

    Harder’s Planned Maintenance Programs provide a set schedule involving routine inspection of wearable parts and safety features but let’s the customer manage the equipment repairs. You pay a fixed fee for scheduled services such as inspections, lubrication, electronic checks, and adjustments needed to prevent expensive downtime and repairs. As repair requirements arise, you decide which repair option is best for you.